Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today, we remember.

We remember where we were. We remember what true fear felt like. We remember the spirit of America as we pulled together as one, united as a diverse family for a common good. We remember the sorrow. We remember the sorrow families and friends still feel to this day. We remember our hero's. We remember the miracles of survival. We remember the emptiness of loved ones never recovered. We remember that sunny September morning with the first hints of autumn. We remember the shock. We remember the silence in the air. We remember trying to return to some sense of 'normal.' We remember the pain.

We remember today. We remember what our world once was.

I miss that world.


Andrew said...

Yes, indeed, Kenn. That fateful day changed so many things - the course of world history, in fact. I have a few large pages in my scrapbook pasted with the front pages of all the major newspapers the following morning with all those horrible photographs. I think I'll look at it tonight and remember the lives lost.

Elaine said...

Yes, we remember.