Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Martha Stewart Living Radio Soon Available on XM

With the merger between XM and Sirius Satellite Radio complete, the new company, SiriusXM announced today the beginning of new subscription offerings for owners of XM or Sirius satellite radios.

Beginning October 6, SiriusXM will begin "Best of Both" programs for subscribers. “Sirius on XM” will include two Howard Stern channels, Martha Stewart Living, NBA, Sirius NFL Radio, Sirius NASCAR Radio and Playboy Radio. “XM on Sirius” will include, NHL Home Ice, Opie & Anthony, Oprah & Friends, Public Radio with Bob Edwards, College Sports and PGA Tour.

The "Best of Both" oferring will allow current subscribers to retain their current radio devices. The initial subscription cost will be 16.95; a four dollar increase from the current 12.95 monthly charge.

Also announced, starting October 6, an a la carte programming option to allow listeners to pick and choose up to 50 of their favorites from both services for a monthly charge of $4.99. The a la carte options will require subscribers to purchase new radios.

This is great news for listeners of Martha Stewart Living Radio.. if you're an XM subscriber, you won't miss all the great gardening, decorating, petkeeping and whole living hints and how-to Martha Stewart Living Radio has to offer. The best of Martha Stewart Living experts are as close as your radio and your telephone, since most shows offer a call in Q/A with the hosts and guests. We can't forget "Ask Martha," which is the listeners opportunity to call in and ask Martha personally that burning question you've always wanted to ask!

Subscribers to either XM or Sirius can expect specific details on the new programming options in the coming weeks.


John said...

This is good news for my best friend who is an XM subscriber (through her job). She'll be excited to get MSL Radio!

Elaine said...

What do you recommend for new subscribers, Kenn? Do they have an Internet only option?

Elaine said...

What do you recommend for new subscribers, Kenn? Do they have an Internet only option?