Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sneak Peek! Cooking School Book Tour

My friend John recently received word of the tentative book tour schedule for the release of Martha Stewart's Cooking School which is due to hit Bookstores in October.

The six city tour includes: Los Angeles, Detroit, Tampa, New Orleans, Seattle and Cleveland. I'm thrilled! If indeed this book tour holds true I'll have two opportunities to attend, both in Detroit and in Cleveland! I will keep my ears and eyes open for any local announcement!


Bridgette said...

I saw on Wednesday of this week an annoucement of a book signing at the Williams-Sonoma in King of Prussia, Pa which is about 20
minutes outside of Philadelphia!

Kenn said...

Thanks for the info Bridgette! We'll have to add King of Prussia to the list! Thanks for stopping by.. come back soon.

Elaine said...

Exciting news for you, Kenn!

mike said...

Seattle....... a mere 4 hr. drive!! Thanks for the heads up! I can't wait for this book (just as excited as I was for the Cookie Book)!