Sunday, July 27, 2008

Finding Blogs and Sharing Blogs

Today, I had some time to explore blogs. I think what inspired me to do so was a visit from a woman named Bridgette. She visited this blog this morning and it was the first time in a long, long time that I clicked a name, followed a link and started to explore the world, seeing what 'else' was out there!
The first stop was Bridgette's blog, titled, "Stylehouse." From cooking and entertaining to decorating and gardening, Stylehouse was a fabulous way to begin my blog journey. This blog immediately scored big points... with Oliver, the cat. You can just tell from his pictures, he's a great cat!

From Bridgette's blog, I looked at her favorite blog places and started cruising around.

"Cupcakes Take the Cake" is one blog that almost made me dizzy with everything cupcakes! From sprinkle sources, to inspirational photographs, Cupcakes Take the Cake is an outstanding resource for those who bake and/or love cupcakes. You may remember the authors of this blog when they appeared on the Martha Stewart Show during cupcake week.

"Gestures" was another stop. A very nice place to visit as well. Beautifully designed, Gestures shares everyday living and inspires at the same time. I did notice that the author of this blog also loves Martha merchandise.. he scores 10 additional bonus points!

The last stop on my blog experience this afternoon was "Barefoot in the Orchard." A delightful visit, full of style, personal writings, and a welcome feeling.

When time permits in your busy lives, take a moment to visit these wonderful places. I think you'll enjoy them!


Claudine said...

Those are good ones, the have mine listed so it's a good thing. (Gestures is run by Louis, a guy :)

Kenn said...

Noted and corrected!