Thursday, June 5, 2008

Things Happen For A Reason Update!

Great news! The animal rescue is going to take care of the cats that belong to Annette's sister! The cats are free to stay at the rescue in the wonderful cat community room until such time a foster family can be found. I'm thrilled with the news!

I've spent a portion of my day on the radio. I was in the car this morning and the morning hosts of "Morning Living" Kim and Betsy were discussing the strange, yet wonderful "connection" that happened yesterday with Tracie, myself, Annette and the cats. They were interviewing Tracie at the time and I called in and Kim did a quick interview with me. It was wonderful. Annette I'm sure was feeling the love from all around!

I did speak with Annette this afternoon and we'll be making arrangements to transfer the cats to the shelter this coming week. As we were hanging up the phone, she said, "I feel like I've made a new friend..." I was so touched. Indeed, Annette, a new friendship has begun. I'm honored to be that friend.

I will be posting photos from time to time and blog updates here for Annette to read and share.

I love how the world sometimes works. I've been floating on cloud nine all day knowing that I helped find a solution.


mike said...

GREAT NEWS Kenn! I'm so happy for you all! What a wonderful thing to happen - to usher in the weekend! At least you won't have to worry about that any longer. I wish I could have caught you on the radio!

Elaine said...

That's wonderful, Kenn!