Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kitty and Miss Kitty - An Update

I went to the animal rescue today and paid a visit to the two cats that belonged to the sister of Annette, the caller into Cat Chat. What wonderful cats!
I'm pleased to report that they both are doing fine. Kitty, the larger of the two adjusted quite quickly, but has been hesitant to join the other cats in the community room (all in good time). Miss Kitty, the black and white tuxedo cat had a slower time making the adjustment; but is now just a love bug. They are both terrific cats. I'm still hoping a foster family can be found until they can return home to their loving Mom.
Medically, both cats are healthy. They were well taken care of. There are no problems at all! Both are eating well and they are getting plenty of attention from the volunteers.
My thanks again to everyone at Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue for taking in these two cats who needed the love and attention FMAR can provide.


Chris and Dan said...

Kenn: You know we're most proud of you for stepping up to the plate to help another person in need. That's one part of who you are that we love so much. We love your spirit and love of animals as well as your fellow man (or woman). We look forward to your updates.

Elaine said...

What pretty cats. You know if I lived there I would offer to take them in - the only problem would be that I would probably not want to give them back!

It is a wonderful thing that you did, Kenn and the cats look so happy. How wonderful!