Friday, May 9, 2008

A Nice Gift

I was very surprised to receive a most interesting and wonderful delivery today. It was a thank you gift from my niece (my nephews wife) who had been staying with us this week.

It's an edible arrangement. It's a wonderful basket full of melon, pineapple, strawberries and grapes all designed to look like a flower arrangement. The arrangement is HUGE! We are having guests this evening and what a perfect dessert to share with everyone (with some yogurt and shortbread cookies).

What a wonderful way to say, 'thank you!' Gail, it was our pleasure to have you stay. We enjoyed having you with us. You're always welcome! xox UK (Uncle Kenn)


Elaine said...

I've seen those advertised and always wondered what they were like. Lovely! I'm not sure I would want to eat it, though - it's too pretty!

mike said...

Kenn - there's an "Edible" store right around the corner from my office - it's truly an incredible store. They make the most interesting arrangements! How nice of your family to think of you that way!