Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother Nature Amazes Me

Unfortunately, there's no photo with this post - but Mother Nature works in incredible ways.

Last week we had an overnight freeze after a nice warm spell. Two young trees (which are simple cottonwood trees, but they will provide nice shade) that stand about 12 ft tall were starting to push out their leaves when the freeze happened. The tender leaves turned brown and withered away. I just knew that I would have to look at two 'stick trees' for the season now that the leaves were dead. To my amazement, I just went for a little stroll around the yard following a nice rain shower to find very tiny buds forming again to replace the frozen leaves! I'm so, so happy! The Hostas will have shade.. I will have nice trees to look at in that particular part of the garden, and life is good!

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Elaine said...

I knew they would come back, Kenn! Isn't it so exciting when that happens?! I really like Cottonwood trees, but they don't like me. We have a lot of them here and when the cotton is gently floating in the air I am stuffy and miserable!