Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Fun

The weather decided to cooperate (no rain) and the temperatures were warm and wonderful so I decided to do a bit of plant shopping and a bit of work around the yard.

While I know better than to purchase tender annuals in April, I couldn't resist this new petunia called a "lemon zest" petunia. It's a 'wave' variety and the color is amazing! People were snatching them up left and right at the nursery, so I thought I would purchase one before they were all gone! I will have to watch the weather closely to make sure this one doesn't bite the dust should we get a frost or freeze.

Next up were some common Pansies. These will tolerate the cooler nights, so I feel confident these will give me some 'color' until it's safe for other annuals. I bought quite a few to fill several planters.

A new Rosemary plant was in order. The plants at the nursery are grown in larger peat pots, so there's little waste and plastic pots aren't filling our landfills. I love that idea! Now, to find just he right pot for it! From the garden, my peonies are starting to grow! (the darker purple-ish growth you see) They are loving the warmer weather. These are the most incredible pink peonies ever!

Lastly, this bit-o-wimsy... This banner hangs near my potting bench on a fence. I've had this for years... and it's been outside for the last three years, still looking pretty good! I know it's silly, but she is, after all, my inspiration to do 'good things' in the garden!

And yes, in case anyone noticed, the fence is Bedford Grey. *wink*


mike said...

Love the Lemon Zest petunia! I'll have to look for those! And I love the banner! What a great place to put it too - I would do the same (but bring it in during the cold months - so she doesn't shiver).

Hm... you and your pansies...


Elaine said...

Great photos of your new purchases! I haven't seen that type of Petunia before and will see if we have it in the nurseries here. The banner is just perfect inspiration - wonderful!

mike said...

Okay, I just love the banner.... I love the idea of having outside in the "garden" - so perfect. I'm going to beg, borrow or steal something from Kmart, some poster or something, to use in my garden - even if it's illegal, I'll get something. You've inspired me.

Elaine said...

I agree, Mike! May be we can have a craft project and try to 'recreate' it. Hmm...I'll check into that - it might be our only alternative if the original is no longer available.