Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is A Network In The Works?

Could Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia be looking at a future Martha cable channel? It seems as though they are exploring the feasibility.

Recently on http://www.marthastewart.com/ , three survey links popped up under the homepage television section. The surveys looked to gain insight on other cooking personalities, Martha as a trusted expert in the lifestyle category, and a general survey on lifestyle television. One of the last questions on each survey asked "if" Martha Stewart had her own network would you be likely to watch. Hmmmm... sounds like some exploration to me!

It's a great question. What would you do? Do you think a Martha Stewart Lifestyle channel would be successful? Would you tune in to a Martha Stewart channel? If you were heading up programming, what shows would you line up?

Given the core content areas of MSLO I think a network would be a logical choice as part of the Omnimedia concept. There would be a near endless variety of programming that would cover all aspects of living. Hey.. if Oprah can start her own network, why can't Martha? If Martha Stewart Living Radio is any indication of potential success, a network will soon be born! I think this is something to keep an eye on!


Elaine said...

I would defintely watch MSLO Network. I hope that is what is in the works. We can only hope...

claudinehk said...

Oh how I hope so. I thought the same thing when I took the survey. They could show the old Martha show as well, and then we would all be happy!