Saturday, April 12, 2008

Martha (wine) By Mail

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Gallo Wines released "Martha Stewart Vintage" in January of 2008 in several markets throughout the United States. Unfortunately, Michigan wasn't on the list of available markets.

Good news! Martha Stewart Vintage is now available through the Barrel Room, "your place online to buy wine." If your state does not restrict shipments of domestic wine, you're able to order from the Barrel Room. Selection and check out are easy (I ordered a couple of each MS product) but the shipping is rather expensive. For the convenience of the online experience, I thought the shipping charges were well worth it!

Check out the Barrel Room at and order your Martha Stewart Vintage today!


Elaine said...

I have been wanting to try her wine and am so glad that they are making it available to those of us who aren't in the target markets! Well, wait a minute, I better not shout for joy just yet, hopefully, CA isn't one of those restricted states...I'm going over to check. Thanks so much for sharing, Kenn!

mike said...

That's great news! How did you find this? I will check out the "restrictions" for ordering.

I know we cannot transport apple maggots, but I don't know about wine. :)

Leave it to Kenn to find out all the "inside scoop" on Martha!