Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Martha Says Farewell to Paw Paw

I was saddened today to read on Martha's blog about the loss of her long time companion Paw Paw. Paw Paw passed away on Saturday, April 12.

As a pet owner, I know of the pain, sorrow and loss that is experienced when a pet passes. It's a very lonely feeling and you never quite get over missing them. My heart goes out to Martha. I would venture to guess it's difficult for her. We've seen Paw Paw for years and years and it will be strange to not see him in new photos or see him lazily walking across the studio floor on the show.

This particular photo from Martha's blog today made me well up with tears.

This photo is so symbolic of the love between pet and pet keeper. I remember when my dear cat of 15 years was so sick and had to be put to sleep, I would just bury my face in his fur.. I never wanted to lose the scent of him.. a scent that I knew so well and brought comfort. He was the absolute best friend possible.

What a wonderful life Paw Paw experienced. Martha mentioned that she will always miss him... I can't help but think her readers and viewers will do the same.


Elaine said...

I know that I will miss his gentle, sweet face!

Claudin said...

that picture just about kills me. It does bring back so many memories of lost pets.