Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lemon Pound Cake

One of my favorite spring time taste treats is a lemon pound cake. The recipe is from a Barefoot Contessa cookbook (as Ina would say, "how good is that?").

Each Easter I make several small loaves to give as small Easter gifts to a few friends. (mini loaf pans are a good thing!) Each loaf is glazed with a lemon simple syrup and a lemon glaze (lemon juice and confectioners sugar). They'll make you pucker for sure!

The freshness of the lemon just welcomes spring and reminds you of the warmer days ahead.


Elaine said...

I totally agree! Those cakes look absolutely delicious!

mike said...

They look so good, I'm going to quickly see if I can whip up a batch and give to my neighbors tomorrow. How inspiringly insane is that??? Thanks ALOT Kenn.... :)

Happy Easter - those loaves look delicious!!!