Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

This week, we've welcomed Spring and we celebrate the Easter holiday.
Regardless of any religious affiliation, Easter symbolizes renewal. While some think of renewal during the New Year holiday, Easter has always been a time for personal reflection and making a commitment for a fresh start. Easter opens the door to warmer weather and nature is renewed once again with a fresh burst of color and bloom. With the first glimpse of color in the garden there truly is a sense of renewal. The death and rest of winter gives way to new energy and a new take on daily living.
I've always loved Easter. Not so much for the chocolate bunnies or brightly colored Easter eggs; more so knowing that Easter is the gateway to renewal in the garden.
As much as I love to cook, as much as I love to decorate, as much as I love to indulge in a craft project from time to time, my true love comes from countless hours in the garden. Gardening is hard work without a doubt; but I don't see it as work. It's one task that takes me completely away from my day to day thoughts and transports me to a different place. Feeling the rich soil in my hands, nurturing the emerging stems of a plant and caring for it during its short life cycle is 'therapy' for me. I can have a day from hell and after just a few minutes in the garden, all is right with the world.
My dear, dear friends have shared their baked goods and their crafting creations. It will soon be my turn to share with them my passion... my gardens.
As we celebrate this time of renewal and life I think of my dear friends that are spread throughout the country. Our friendship renews me every single day and inspires me to be the best person I can be.
Happy Easter!


Elaine said...

Kenn, you are really such a great writer and express yourself so eloquently.

I enjoy gardening so much and love nothing more than to putter around in the yard when the weather is good. I even enjoying weeding because when I have a bad day at work I just pretend I am plucking away what is ailing me and watering is not a chore to me - it is a great form of relaxation, espcially when the hummingbirds come and dance in the water spray - those are always life affirming moments!. My gardens haven't quite evolved the way that I want them to yet, but it is a constant work in progress.

Easter is a renewal and celebration of life and I celebrate the birth of our friendship and those of my other new found friends.

Have a wonderful Easter!

mike said...

Kenn, what a wonderful description of what Easter brings forth - life! I can't wait to see, learn and be inspired from your garden(s). Happy, Happy Easter!