Friday, February 15, 2008

New Items Available at Macy's!

While making a quick lunchtime stop into Macy's I happened across these new items on the shelves.

Martha provided us with all the dishes, cookware and gadgets we needed to stock our kitchen now she gives us a stylish way to clean up with new dishsoap (in a very nice bottle with pour topper.. a signature "good thing" from Martha), hand soap, all purpose cleaner and hand lotion.

At first glance, there were three scents available: Honeysuckle/Melon, Grapefruit/Lemon, and unscented. Could lavendar be far behind?

On I noticed a couple other new items..

A set of stainless steel prep bowls. These coordinate well with the stainless steel mixing bowls from the collection. I love prep bowls. They truly do make cooking much easier when you can portion out your ingredients! This stainless steel prep bowl set is the third type of prep bowl available in the collection.

Another new item that caught my eye:

These fluted glasses are just beautiful! They come in two sizes and in sets of four.
They are quite elegant looking.
A good many of the items found in the Macy's collection are 'remakes' from the old Martha by Mail days. I have to go through my collection of the old catalogs and see what could be coming next. Did you have any personal favorites from the MBM catalogs? What would you like to see included in the new collection?
Shopping for Martha Stewart Collection merchandise... it's a VERY good thing!


Elaine said...

I can't wait to get that set. I have my dish washing liquid in a pretty oil dispenser (one of Martha's good things), but it doesn't pour fast enough. I'm sure that her line has perfected that stopper/pourer.

I hope that they eventually will offer all the Martha by Mail items in addition to new ones. I have so very many favorites.

Anonymous said...

I also stop quickly into Macy's today and pickup her bug cookies cutter and cupcake holders. It's definitely "a good thing" that she is bringing back some of her items from catalogs MBM. I would like if she could bring back some of the cakestand in jadeite...they are costing an arm and leg on ebay for it. I'd also stop at Michaels, they are having flowers kit (from old catalogs too). Her easter items are rabbit punch, glitter kit in pastel green,blue, and lilac. At the rate that she coming out w/more stuffs... I'll just go broke just catching up to getting her new stuffs and old one too!!!lol....;)