Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Favorite 'Big Idea'

When Martha recently held the 'Big Idea' contest and asked viewers and readers to submit their vote, I had to vote for the Martha Stewart Store.

I can only imagine such a place! It would be a dream come true to have the entire merchandise and publication library available in one location! Each of the MSLO core content areas would be represented.

I imagine the store being two levels. The lower level would be retail. Aisles of linens, kitchen, garden, crafts, home organization, homekeeping... each shelf beautifully stocked with merchandise. The back of the store would contain a coffee bar, right next to the Martha Stewart Media Collection. There, you could have a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a scone or other treat as you shop.

The upper level would be classrooms. Crafting, gardening, cooking - the possibilities are endless! Customers could sign up for classes for their areas of interest(s). I would easily guess that the classes would be numerous and FULL!

The store would be staffed with "Martha Experts" who are as enthusiastic about MSLO as we all are! Dressed in khaki pants, white cotton shirts, and taupe and teal aprons, each staff member would be completely knowledgeable on all the merchandise and class offerrings. You know I would want to be one of those staffers!

For fun, I designed a store front.. I'd love to see this come true!


Elaine said...

We could all work there - wouldn't that be great?! I voted for this Big Idea. It was the only one I voted for and I was disappointed that it didn't get a very large percentage of the votes.

Well, we can still dream of the possibility, can't we?

Mike said...

While I voted for a publication specifically targeting those individuals with complex and life-threatening allergies, this "big idea" is worthy of merit. Your rendering is classic, with clean lines and a fresh look. However, I feel that individuals would likely benefit from spending endless hours pouring over articles on what creme to apply to their itchy and blistering hands, or perhaps learning which vegetables trigger the dreaded gluteus maximus rash. As Elaine said, we can still dream of the possibility of such a publication!

claudinehk said...

it would be heavenly! I voted for that one as well. And maybe there could be a sweater department to by all of the favorite Martha sweaters.

Anonymous said...

Me, too - can tell which ones of us are the shoppers, right?
Carillon in Phoenix

Matt said...

I would be there on a weekly basis. As it is I'm always stopping by Macy's or Michael's or K-Mart for the sole purpose of looking through her merchandise.