Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Message Boards: They're An Odd Thing

I have been an active participant on the Martha Stewart Message Boards - Radio and Television for a little over 2 years. Sometimes I sit back and stare at the screen in amazement at what I read. It's been an interesting study in human behavior!

First and foremost, I've learned over the last couple years to not take the boards too seriously. It's quite a cast of characters! There are those that post interesting questions or comments, there are those that post gibberish. There are those that are 'over the top' enthusiastic about Martha, and there are those that seize every opportunity to critique Martha. There are those that share the excitement of new merchandise, there are those that can't seem to determine what their name is. There are those that use the space for their own personal agenda, there are those that use the board as their own social network. People arrive there, post there, and return their for their own reasons... all very interesting... all very different.

I've encountered people from the message board that have become friends. The common connection is Martha. (with the exception of one friend.. I think we were a genetic study.. we're so much alike it's scary!) It's been a great way to meet 'like/kind' people from all across the world. I've also encountered people that I've had heated arguments with. For the longest time the board was more about 'fussing' with each other than intelligent conversation. One thing I know for sure is that the message board world is very segmented and opinions run heavy!

It's human behavior 101 ... stop in sometime and check it out. I think you'll be amazed.


claudinehk said...

he he he.... yes it is a very strange thing. At least we know the diffrence between the good ones and the crazy ones....

your twin sister

Elaine said...

Isn't that the truth! The board is defintely a fascinating study on human behavior...

CresceNet said...

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mike_spok said...

So..... where in heck can I post my utter elation over the February issue of MSL that came in yesterday's mail??!! Kenn - you were right, it's a wonderful issue! Love the "how-to"s - they should be in every issue!

Happy "pre" Valentines Day!

*I fully understand the ramifications of posting comments not relating to the subject of "They're an odd thing".