Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kmart and Martha Stewart for Spring

During these darker, colder days I can't help but think of the warmer months ahead. While reading the message boards on, I saw a post about Kmart and the 2008 garden line from Martha Stewart. I decided to take a peek at the Kmart website and much to my surprise it was loaded with great outdoor living items! I've already started making a list!

At the top of my list is this classic wooden pergola. I like the clean simple lines and it will look wonderful encased in thriving morning glory vines. I have the perfect spot already picked out in the side yard!

Next up is this classic outdoor chandelier. What a wonderful bit of elegance this would add to our outdoor eating area or even hanging inside the above described pergola! I love the clean lines of this outdoor lighting option.

This chandelier would look wonderul on a porch ceiling as well, providing sufficient light on one of those hot summer evenings.

Martha does it again with this fabulous three tier fountain. Made of lightweight resin, this fountain will make you do a double take with its elegant form.

These are just three of the items that have caught my eye this year. These early items are not the only new pieces in the MSE line this year. Check out or stop at your local Kmart store and watch the season unfold!

Now.. how many days until Spring??


Elaine said...

I can't wait for the two Kmarts in my area to get their displays set up. Very beautiful items for this year's line.

claudinehk said...

I love all of that! No sign of it today when i stopped at K-mart... I think this may be the best collection yet.