Monday, November 5, 2007

Holiday Planning 2007

It's that wonderful time of year again when I begin my planning for the holidays. While I have to admit I've 'dabbled' in some thoughts prior to this point - I never consider it 'legit' to think about the holiday season until November 1st. (It's just a 'me' thing)

One of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday planning is thinking about the decorating scheme (or to some, it could be a 'theme') I'll use this season. I have a few ideas!

I'm leaning toward a 'natural' Christmas theme for living room/family room. I love the look of magnolia leaves mixed with seasonal greenery. I also love the look of the pomegranite, deliciously read and a natural accent to the green of the season. This wreath photo is my inspiration photo as I create the season in my home this year.

I also love the look of the magnolia garland draped over the mantel with the white candles. Very elegant. Last year, I found candles that look like pillar candles but are actually electric with 3 small LED lights inside that 'wave' and cast a light that replicates candle light. Much safer than actual candles! The photos used here are from Restoration Hardware - another of my shopping enjoyments!

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Elaine said...

Thank you for writing about the history of the candle in the window. My Mom always put candles(electric) in the windows at Christmas and it is a tradition that I kept. It always gives me a warm feeling when I see a candle in the window and I hope it gives others a warm feeling when they see mine each year.