Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shopping Addictions

Okay.. while many people would expect me to only shop at Macy's or Kmart (because of the Martha Stewart merchandise), I have to admit one of my all time favorite shopping destinations is Pottery Barn.

Whether it's cozy-ing up on the couch with the latest catalog release, or walking through the store touching nearly every item - I can't stop myself from loving Pottery Barn.

The catalog actually provides a great deal of inspiration to me. While I'm naturally talented at combining color, textures, and room arrangements - I lack the 'finishing skills' of beautiful accessorizing and tablescapes. It just never looks 'complete' to me. Pottery Barn catalogs have often provided the insight I needed to give a room the final 'touch.'
The picture shown here is a fine example of the PB inspiration. I love the 'collection' elements of this type of styling. The repeated use of books and the drab ware color tie it all together. The large bowl filled with artichokes provide texture and the faux bois candles bring in the 'natural' elements of the outdoors. I love the look.
I'm a firm believer that anyone with some sense of style and design can take an image such as this and do what I call "use what you got-decorating." I feel a project coming on!

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