Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh Macy's, Grow Up!

As the legal battle between Macy’s, JCP and Martha Stewart Living continues today after a failed attempt at court ordered mediation, I’ve become increasingly less fond of Macy’s and their whining. 

As part of court record today, Macy’s introduced a “new” complaint that JCP and MSLO violated the terms of “exclusive” merchandise with the introduction of some serveware items as part of the Martha Stewart Celebrations line, introduced last week on JCP’s website and in select stores across the country.   Macy’s contends that the wine glasses and other serving pieces (which are made of plastic, and are designed to be disposable) were in direct competition with those GLASS and METAL items that are currently carried in Macy’s stores under the Martha Stewart Collection label. 

Really?  Plastic is in direct competition with glass?  Seriously? 

Macy’s  claim goes on to say the designs for the disposable, plastic glasses are exact replicas of the Martha Stewart Collection.  Umm.. last time I checked, there are “universal” designs in most cases for the shape of a champagne flute, a white wine class, and a red wine glass.  You’re grasping, Macy’s.. you’re grasping. 

As a consumer of Martha products at Macy’s  I think the department store bully needs to focus on what is happening IN their stores rather than with expensive, ridiculous law suits.  In the numerous Macy’s locations around my area (and I’ve shopped them all), the “Home” departments are looking more like a bargain basement or a garage sale than a home department.  It’s frustrating.  It’s no wonder sales of Martha Stewart Collection merchandise just barely meet minimum for royalty fees.  In order to sell something effectively, it has to be merchandised well.  You can’t just cram stuff on a shelf and expect it to sell.  It doesn’t work that way, especially with the consumer demographic Macy’s is attempting to maintain.

Having Martha merchandise at both retailers would force them both to up their game and provide the consumer the best shopping experience, and the highest quality products at a fair price.  I’d love to be able to walk into either Macy’s or JCP and get “wowed” with selections and experience.  Instead, Macy’s continues to move forward with their bully tactics and in turn for exclusivity, provide the consumer with a mediocre experience.  It’s like saying the consumer wants Martha products, regardless of shopping experience.  I don’t think so. 

In the long run, Macy’s is shooting themselves in the foot.   Up your game Macy’s..  and stop being afraid of the competition.   Most of all, stop being a bully and stop your never ending whining. 

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