Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Passing of Time

My last post to this blog was in early March of this year. So much of this year has passed and so much of it is a blur.

 For much of the last seven months, I have "existed" without really participating.  I moved about in my day to day, without really being fully present.  I would attempt to move forward but frequently felt like I was standing still.  Standing still in time. 

I've started to move forward once again.  Moving forward sometimes means looking back and "taking along" part of what was yesterday to make it a brighter tomorrow.  As I looked back and as I move forward I recognized that part of what I missed all these months was this blog.  I'm glad I took time away, to learn to move forward; but I'm glad to pick up where I left off - living life, loving living, and being fully present. 


Vicki said...

Welcome back, you've been missed.
It might be hard to get to full speed moving forward - don't beat yourself up. You're among friends here

Jim Eber said...

Take your time to ease back. There is no set schedule for the grieving process.

If you don't do a full post, photos are great too. Loved the FB shots from Harvest Fest.