Sunday, January 1, 2012

Martha Stewart Home Office

Just in time for the new year, and the inevitable resolution to be more organized in 2012, the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery line is now available in select Staples stores and on the Staples website.  The full roll out of the line is expected through the months of January and February. 

From binders to tags and labels, the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery line will help you keep your home office organized with style.  This is a Martha Stewart merchandise line I've long been waiting for!  Here's just a small example of what you'll find: 

Binders, in two sizes (standard 1" capacity and small planner size binders) with a smooth finish or a textured Shagreen finish.  Also included are planner pages, calendars, lined paper, divider tabs, labels, and more, so you can create an organized system for your home office.   

It's almost tax time and what better way to get organized than with a variety of filing options.  From filing boxes, and accordion files;  to folders, tabs, and tags, you're sure to find options that fit your needs. 

More of a journal keeper?  The Martha Stewart Home Office line offers a variety of writing journals in two sizes.  Optional tabs can be used to organize your journal. 

Keep your desktop well organized with the entire line of Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery "Stack and Fit" boxes and desktop accessories.  Each piece is designed to stack and fit together for a desk organization system that works for you. 

Martha Stewart Home Office Stack and Fit letter trays and small boxes round out the desk accessories. 

These are sticky notes that are sure to get your reminder noticed!  I love the flourish design. 

Larger storage boxes help keep you organized.  The boxes are available in a variety of colors in the Shagreen textured finish.  The labels and label holders are sold separately. 

I found this high quality, excellently designed line to be reasonably priced.  The entire Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery line is available on the Staples website.  To see the entire line, click HERE.


Pru @ Perfecting Pru said...

I'm hoping that our Staples (I know of one in London) might start to stock some of the Martha products. I love the UK stamps on the desk tidy - this gives me hope of finding the products.

Happy New Year Kenn, I love the new header.

Kenn said...

Hi Pru,
I've not heard that it would be a US distribution only.. I received a huge box of the supplies on Friday and I LOVE them. So well made and very beautiful. I did notice the stamps.. :-)

Elaine said...

I will be looking for these at the Staples here, Kenn. I am so glad to see the Martha blue storage boxes back - are they the same texture/color as the ones that we bought at Michaels? The journals and binders look cool and so do the labels, and the desk organizer, and... :)

Kenn said...

Hi Elaine!
The color is a bit different.. a bit more of a green/aqua cast The boxes are not fabric covered like those at Michaels. They are a sturdy coated chipboard. Very sturdy! I'm looking foward to seeing all the items in the store. I did get a box of a few items from Staples last Friday and I love the journal that was included.
There are some interesting labels in the line.. wipe board labels, kraft paper labels, and even chalkboard labels. Cool stuff!