Monday, December 5, 2011

Rochester Hometown Christmas Parade

Sunday afternoon, we attended the Rochester Hometown Christmas Parade, in beautiful downtown Rochester, MI.  This was the 60th Christmas Parade to make its way down Main Street. 

It was our first time attending the parade in person.  We usually watch it on television - but this year we decided to see it for ourselves up close and personal.  Here are a few photos from the parade: 

The crowds were growing by 1pm - waiting for the 2pm parade kick off

A color guard kicks off the parade

It's official!  We have a parade!

There were several marching bands.  I love the sound of a marching band playing Christmas songs!

The Michigan Leader Dogs made their appearance.  Such cute pooches!

These good folks are the 'Scrubs' from a local hospital.  They do a well choreographed routine with their wheelchairs. 

Dancers, singers, and more made their stop in front of the television cameras. 

The temperatures were much warmer than normal, so we had no snow.  It didn't stop this happy snow person from prancing down Main Street

The theme of the parade this year was six decades of Christmas.  These guys represented the hot toys in the 80s.. Pac Man and He-Man. 

My dear friend Erin Nicole was in charge of the "Prize Patrol" during the WXYZ TV coverage of the event.  She gave away GREAT prizes!

This huge Nutcracker was having a hard time staying balanced as he strolled down Main Street.  It was actually quite funny to watch!

There's a 'tea party' organization in Rochester (not of political affiliation) that teaches little girls the social graces of being proper.  They were dressed in their formal wear to welcome in the season. 

Channel 7, WXYZ-TV, the nations 11th largest news station, has covered the Rochester Hometown Christmas Parade for many, many years.  

Alicia Smith, anchor of the morning news, showed off her dancing talent, performing in a number with the Rochester Ballroom dancers. 

This little girl was a big fan of Alicia.  She was wanting to meet her so we made sure she had her wish come true.  She was adorable and just awe struck to meet Alicia in person. 

Not a great picture. but Santa arrived on is big float, along with Mrs. Clause.

The same little girl who wanted to meet Alicia, also wanted to meet Dave Rexroth, our Channel 7 Chief Meteorologist.  Dave is always warm and welcoming to fans of all ages. 

The best part of any parade, is when Santa arrives!  Santa has made his official arrival in Rochester during the Christmas Parade for the last 60 years!


Elaine said...

There's nothing like an old-fashioned parade to kick-off the holiday season. Looks like a lot of fun, Kenn!

Pru said...

Looks like a great time. We don't have parades here so I loved your photos.

mike509 said...

Where's the snow??? :) Actually is much safer without it! Love all the holiday costumes.. What fun!