Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Martha Stewart Then and Now - Entertaining

In 1982, Martha Stewart became a household name with her first book, "Entertaining."  Today, Martha makes her mark once again with the publication of her newest book, "Martha's Entertaining, a year of Celebrations." 

For those that love 'classic' Martha - this book is for you.  THIS is the Martha Stewart we grew to appreciate all those years ago. 

Martha's Entertaining is not a rewrite of the original Entertaining book; rather, it's an updated look at entertaining with classic, breathtaking elegance. Martha opens her homes for her readers as she shares a very intimate and personal look at entertaining throughout the year. 

Beautifully written and beautifully photographed, this book is sure to be the new classic standard. 

I was pleased to hear from my friends at Barnes and Noble - they sold almost all their inventory in just a few hours.  This book is sure to be on it's way to the best seller list!


Perfecting Pru said...

Oh I'm going to have to get it although the price is incredibly steep! Have you ordered yours yet?

Elaine said...

I looked for it at Costco and Sam's Club today, but it wasn't at either store. I hope they do get it in. I am going to keep checking!

mike509 said...

I bought the original from eBay - will have to look at the new one and see if there's any difference other than her pictures. :)