Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Best of Martha Stewart Living: Holiday Handbook

If there's one thing that traditionally signals the start of the holiday season, it's when the special holiday issue from Martha Stewart Living hits the newsstands.  Yesterday, my friend Elaine emailed and told me she found the issue at Costco.  Today, I found it at Target.  The official newsstand date is Tuesday, November 1st. 

This year, the holiday issue is a little different than in years past. The introductory letter on page one describes the publication as a 'bookazine' which is fitting, given the high gloss sturdy cover and higher quality paper for the pages.   This issue, titled, "The Best of Martha Stewart Living Holiday Handbook" brands itself as a collector's edition, and I have to agree.  Anyone who enjoys the Martha Stewart way of Living will want to add this to their stack of "keepable" magazines (sorry.. 'bookazines'). 

As the title indicates, this is a "best of" issue, with some of the holiday best from the last 20 years of Martha Stewart Living magazine.  From holiday spirits (in terms of cocktails) to keep your guests merry, to classic Martha decorating ideas for the home, trees, and more, this issue is a fine holiday resource and truly is a handbook of how-to inspiration. 

MSLO has another special issue in the works; the 20th Anniversary special issue of Martha Stewart Living.  While not much has been said about the issue, it is due by the end of the year.  I would anticipate it to be available for the holidays (a nice stocking stuffer for the Martha-ite in your life).


Perfecting Pru said...

I can't wait to find this in the shops. do you think MSLO are turning a corner Kenn?

mike509 said...

I'll have to check Costco today - looks like a great issue!

Kenn said...

Hi Pru,
It certainly is my hope that MSLO will continue an upswing. I think things were going well after Martha's return - then the economy took a plunge and it's been difficult for so many businesses to bounce back.

There are so many good things in the works I would hope that as people begin to feel secure again financially, we'll see a nice big upward movement with the company. You know I watch the company closely and while progress has been slow - it has been progress none the less. I continue to be hopeful!

Elaine said...

It's a really nice issue, for sure.