Sunday, April 10, 2011

Colors of May

The May issue of Martha Stewart Living is beginning to arrive in subscriber mailboxes and it's a colorful issue indeed!

Do you like floral patterns?  Flip to page 110 for "Rooms in Bloom" and learn six ways to use floral patterns throughout your home. 

Living continues to share a year of celebrations with great ideas for beautiful baby showers.  Beginning on page 118, you'll certainly be inspired if you're the one coordinating the party for a mom-to-be. 

Donny Osmond used to tell us that it was called "puppy love" but the May issue makes it "Poppy Love" with multiple uses for beautiful poppies.  How to grow, how to use as cut flowers, and how to decorate with clever poppy crafts... it's all you need to know about poppies. You'll find the beauty of poppies on page 126. 

You can't help but be inspired with a beautiful visit to Northern California's flower growers.  The flowers are gorgeous and you can almost smell them on the pages.  You'll love reading about this visit starting on page 142. 

The May issue is colorful for sure.  Don't forget... each issue of Martha Stewart Living is now available for the iPad as well.  Bring the magazine to life with great animations, videos and more!


Elaine said...

I got my May issue in yesterday's mail as well and I love all the color in it. I especially like the glassware article and the Stopping to Smell the Flowers article. I have visited so many of those places that were featured, but there are a few I haven't been to and now have added to my 'must visit' list.

Perfecting Pru said...

The April issue is out here and I loved it. It felt like it was better put together, with articles that I wanted to read and less 'Real Simple'. I can't wait to get the May issue. I always love the colour issue.

On a separate note, I've missed your posts recently Kenn.