Sunday, January 16, 2011

Living With Collections - Cake Stands

The February issue of Martha Stewart Living featured a great article, "Objects of Their Affection," the story of collectors and their collections. 

After reading the article (and going back and reading it a couple more times) I started thinking about the various collections I have and enjoy.  One such collection is my collection of cake stands. 

I have never seriously considered the numerous cake stands I have as a "collection."  By that I mean, I never think about 'adding a cake stand to the collection" when I see one I want to buy.  I just see one and like it and think about how I can use it. 

Cake stands are actually quite versatile.  Not only can you do a great presentation of a cake, but you can use them as decorating elements, use them as serving pieces for dinner parties, or as Martha pointed out a couple years ago, you can use one on your counter as a caddy to hold salts, herbs, and other cooking essentials. 

In the coming months, I'll share some of my collections.  For now, here are a few of my cakes stands that line the shelves in my kitchen:

I've grown very fond of white-ware cake stands.  Most of my collection is from Macy's.  This cake stand was the first "limited edition" cake stand from the Martha Stewart Collection. 

This set of cake stands are available at Macy's or on  These stands are a bit different in design.  There is no lip around the edge which makes for very easy serving. 

Two more limited edition cake stands from the Martha Stewart Collection.  The top one was a gift from my friend Elaine.  This stand gets used all the time.  The bottom was never a favorite of mine, but when I found it at a discounted price, I thought I would pick it up. 

Probably my most prized cake stands is this set of four that I purchased from Martha by Mail in the late 90's.  These cake stands became iconic symbols in the Martha empire, even being featured in NY Christmas windows in 1999.  They range in sizes from 12" - 6" 

More white-ware cake stands from the Martha Stewart Collection.  I love the simple design of the bases.  Most recently, I found the very small "cupcake stands" (on the right) at Macy's.  They match their full size siblings perfectly and make for a great presentation of an oversized cupcake or individual dessert. 

David's mother gave me this glass cake stand in 1998.  I love the 'music' design in the glass.  It will always be a favorite. 

This is actually a pedestal tart plate.  An eight inch tart fits perfectly. 


Elaine said...

Your cake stand collection is wonderful! Now I don't feel badly about the few that I have. ;) I especially love the jadeite ones and the one that David's mother gave you.

Perfecting Pru said...

I love the white ones especially the square ones - I have never found them over here. You have a wonderful collection Kenn, and I, like Elaine, now don't feel so bad about the few I have either!

mike said...

The glass stand is "Jeannette Glass" - pattern: "harp" - I have one and they are very vintage!!! What a great collection!