Saturday, January 29, 2011

Everyday Food Digital Index Updated

Do you remember the recipe for baked macaroni and cheese from Everyday Food but can't remember what issue it's in?  No worries... the updated digital index for Everyday Food is now available!

Subscribers to Everyday Food can now login and download their own copy of the great resource which now lists all the recipes from 2003-2010.  (it's hard to believe the magazine has been available for 7 years now!)

To download your own copy click HERE.  You will need to enter information just as it appears on your mailing label.  You can also login using your account number and zip code. 

Download and save your copy today!


Elaine said...

I didn't know it was updated. Thanks, Kenn!

mike said...

yahoo! or is that woo hoo! What a great idea (an update) as opposed to a new version. I imagine 7 years of recipes is hard to manage! Thanks for the "how to" tip!