Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Martha Stewart Living Goes Digital for the iPad

Twenty years after Martha Stewart launched her groundbreaking magazine, she's set to shake things up again with a special premiere digital issue of Martha Stewart Living. 

Log into iTunes and you can download an entire issue of brand-new content you won't find in print anywhere else.  Created and designed especially for the iPad with astonishing animation and interactivity, this special edition has all the original, inspiring, authoritative information, recipes, and how-tos that you've come to love from Martha.  It's a whole new way to experience Living.

The special issue, entitled "Boundless Beauty" features: 

More than 23 recipes for delicious dinners and desserts
20 slide shows with step-by-step instructions
5 behind the scenes videos
4 panoramas

Download this special issue and you can:

Scroll through a slide show of Martha's early years:  her modeling portfolio and her first home, cooking, and gardening projects.  Plus, listen to an interview with a fellow creative guru. 

Take a panoramic 180-degree tour of Martha's peony garden and watch a video of how she makes her spectacular arrangements. 

Find out what happens when two decorating editors go head-to-head, then vote for your favorite room and get live voting results.

Experience the untouched Alaskan landscape with its glaciers, mountains, and rugged shoreline;  ride along with a salmon fisherman on the pristine Copper River; and learn new recipes to make wild Pacific salmon at home. 

Get inspired for your next celebration with - bubbles!  Fizzy drinks and floating decorations plus sweet and savory treats add up to an effervescent atmosphere.

Go glam:  Get a holiday makeover with festive product picks.  Toggle between before and after shots to see the stunning transformations.

Be jeweled!  Learn how to make fantastic plastic jewelry using not much more than polymer clay, your oven, and a few basic molds. 

Boundless Beauty is a special issue that is not included in a regular subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine.  This issue is available for $3.99 and is available HERE.  Be warned!  Boundless Beauty is not a quick download. 


mike said...

Gorgeous! I'll have to wait on this one - any plans on doing a general "digital issue"... I know, we're still waiting for the one from two years ago. :)

Elaine said...

The pictures are beautiful! I would download it...if I could.

Pru said...

I need an i-pad just for this. And maybe the cookie app too! What do you think of it Kenn?