Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Fabulous Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs

Last weekend, David and I had the pleasure of attending the second annual Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs, New York. An estimated 5,000 people visited the normally quiet village over the two day event. Without a doubt, Sharon Springs made many new friends that weekend.

While it was a working visit for us, our vantage point on the porch of the Roseboro Hotel (home of the Beekman 1802 Mercantile) provided us the opportunity to meet many wonderful people from across the country.  It was so great to see so many people come into Sharon Springs and experience the small village we've fallen in love with and hope to one day soon call home. 

We took a few pictures over the course of the two days.  Please take a look at the fun and excitement in Sharon Springs:

Brent and Josh spent a good amount of time on the porch of the Beekman Mercantile meeting and greeting their friends and fans.  Each visitor was treated so well and allowed to spend time with them.

Young and old alike were anxious to meet the guys.  The mass appeal of the "Fabulous Beekman Boys" was all too obvious! 

There were lines to get into the store and lines that stretched nearly two blocks to spend a few moments with Josh and Brent.  At one point it was VERY crowded at the Mercantile.

As the day progressed, so did the crowds!  I have to wonder just how much goat milk soap was left at the end of the two days!


Metal artist Michael McCarthy was on hand to demonstrate the finishing touches he does on every fruit spoon sold at the Beekman Mercantile.  His work is amazing!

Farmer John's sister, Shirley was at the Festival selling her wonderful quilting work.  The picture above is a quilt she crafted as a salute to her little brother (as Shirley says, she's older, but not by much!).

The area next to the American Hotel was packed with artisans and vendors selling their goods. I was so impressed with the talent and craftsmanship of the work.  I did buy a few things, but they are Christmas presents... shhhhhh! 

The American Hotel was decked out in autumns best.  While we didn't attend the Harvest Dinner this year, it was a great place to visit later on Saturday evening.  The bartender can make a mean Cosmo!

This little girl captured my heart.  She LOVES Josh and was disappointed that her family forgot to bring a camera.  I had mine on hand and offered to take a picture of her with Josh and email it to her Mom.  She was thrilled!  I loved being able to help her capture a great memory of the day.  (my thanks to her mom and dad for allowing me to post the picture!)

Polka Spot was beautiful as always.  She posed for the attendees of the farm tours.  

The second annual Harvest Festival was a weekend filled with good food, good times and good people.  I hope everyone will plan to attend next year.  It just keeps getting better and better!


mike said...

What a great tribute to a wonderful place! It truly looks "harvesty"! How lucky you were to make it there safely too. That Polka is sure a diva, isn't she! Glad everyone enjoyed themselves AND you shirts!

Anonymous said...

This looks like the perfect weekend Kenn. I'm so pleased that you both had fun. One day I hope to visit Sharon Springs and to visit Beekman (and maybe you?!)


So great, Kenn! I definitely hope you call Sharon Springs home one day. It's a little slice of rural paradise.

Elaine said...

It's wonderful to see all those people there! How fun! I am so glad that you had a great time and were able to be a part of it again this year. Thanks for sharing some of it with us!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kenn, my husband & I stopped in Sharon Springs on 9/7 on our way to annual "New England States" vacation. We've always try to avoid thruway & take rtes 5 & 20 when headed east. We've past Sharon Springs many times. Last year we stopped. This year we stopped & shopped at Beekman1802 Merchantile. Brent was super busy so Maria helped us choose gifts. I wish we could have visited during Harvest Festival-would have been fun. We were headed west for home on Thursday 9/16 when you were traveling east (through nasty weather!) Sharon Springs looks better & better every year. Cathybytheriver

Paul said...

My partner Rick and I met you at the Harvest Festival. It was great to finally meet you after reading your blog for a couple years now! You did a class act job with the shirts. We wear ours all the time.
Hopefully we'll get to see you again next year. Paul

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