Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend Getaway: Port Washington, Wisconsin

 This last weekend, David and I took a road trip to Port Washington, Wisconsin to visit our friends Jackie and Dave. 

A combination of New England fishing village charm and Midwestern friendliness, Port Washington is a welcoming place. Nestled among seven hills, Port Washington is 30 miles north of Milwaukee, on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Our weekend hosts guided us to the downtown area where we spent a good amount of time enjoying the marina, and the views of Lake Michigan.  It's truly breathtaking!

On Saturday morning, we spent time at the Farmer's Market to buy fresh produce for dinner.  The market was filled with local vendors selling their freshly grown fruits and vegetables as well as other items such as handmade jewelery, soaps, and more.  The downtown area of Port Washington is nothing short of charming. There are many specialty shops, including antique and craft shops, located in historic storefronts. Foodies would love the micro-winery, old fashioned meat market, family owned fish smokehouse, and a variety of restaurants.

The Lake Michigan shoreline is stunning.  At once,  you're calmed by the waves that come ashore.  The picture above shows one of the break-walls that have been put into place prior to entering the marina.  The break walls help reduce water disturbance for those boats that are docked. 

The breakwater is a pedestrian friendly pier (during nice weather) that jets out into Lake Michigan to form the northern barrier that protects the marina from the Nor’easters. The 1930’s Art Deco lighthouse, at the end of the breakwater, is a beacon with a foghorn to bring home the boaters.

This is a view as you approach the breakwater.  I have to admit, I did not walk the breakwater.  I started the walk with David, but found the motion of the waves coming toward me and my forward walking motion made me very dizzy.  I did not want to pass out and fall into Lake Michigan!

Follow the lakefront north from the marina to find the natural sand beach. The beach remains in its natural state and does not provide lifeguards or dressing rooms. The steps shown above, lead down to the beach. 

We enjoyed spending part of the day at the marina.  We saw this duck who wasn't about to take any chances with water safety!  He seemed quite comfortable.

We are not fishermen by any means, but we caught these three guys showing off their catches for the day.  I can only imagine the fish-fry!

The view from the bluff was amazing as the sun started to set on the weekend.   The weather had been very hot and humid, with moisture thick in the air.  After a cold front passed through, it seemed like you could see for miles and miles across the expansive lake.  The Great Lakes are beautiful. 

Could I possibly take a weekend trip and NOT shop??  Not likely!  Jackie shared with us one of her favorite consignment shops, "Legacies."  It was there I found this beautiful set of china (in Martha blue, of course) that was nothing short of a steal!  For the 62 piece set, it was originally marked at $195.  Because it had been in the shop for quite some time without selling, it was marked down to just $38.50 for the entire set! It was a bargain for sure and a great find!

If you're ever find yourself in the Midwest and want a great getaway, you must visit Port Washington, Wisconsin!



What a lovely weekend, Kenn! I can almost hear your sighs of bliss and relaxation! :-)

mike said...

Ahoy mate! What a great collection of memories! That would make a nice shadow box - and that china set - perfect for you. So glad you enjoyed yourselves and had a chance for another Summer vacation!

Pru said...

$38.50! What a wonderful bargain, and so pretty too! I am so pleased that you had a great break. Lake Michigan looks beautiful. I hope when you get a chance you can let me have your address (did you get my email?) but there is no rush - enjoy reminiscing on your holiday.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

my first time visiting...and enjoyed all of it..i LOVE that china set...darling...what a score !!!!

Love your blog....I will be back very soon....

found via Beekman 1802


Elaine said...

What a wonderful place! I have to agree that I think the Great Lakes area is very beautiful. I love the Art Deco lighthouse.

Ted Exley said...

The lake looks beautiful! I didn't realize Wisconsin was such a hot spot for fishing. I'll have to let all of my buddies know next time they want to go on a fishing trip.