Saturday, August 7, 2010

September Living: The Home Issue

The September issue of Martha Stewart Living arrived in my mailbox today and it marks the start of my most favorite issues of the year... September - December. 

For the last several years, the September issue has always been marked as the "Decorating Issue;"  this year, it's 'rebranded' as the "Home Issue" and in my humble opinion, three words describe it:  fab-u-lous! 

This issue is so full of inspiration for anyone who enjoys making a house a home.  From a great 'how to' on different types of cake icings/frosting's ("Icing on the Cake," p.148) to a beautiful tour of a seaside home in Maine ("Maine Character," p. 154)  this issue is indeed about more than decorating!

Martha gives us her top 50 kitchen tips ("Martha's 50 Top Kitchen Tips," p. 126) to keep your kitchen running smooth and well organized. 

A year plus in the making, readers of the September issue will get to see the end result of Kevin Sharkey's 18 month, painstaking apartment renovation.  ("Home at Last," p. 136)  The apartment is stunning.

There are excellent gardening articles, furniture first-aid, and the decorating departments top 100 products in the regular feature "Great Finds."  

Readers will notice an updated design to the magazine, which Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Holden indicates is the "ultimate reflection of who we are as a magazine now.."  

While I can't say it's my favorite cover of all time - I can easily say this is one of the best September issues I've read in a long time.  


Well timed with the September issue of Living, the Martha Stewart Living brand at The Home Depot will expand once again to include kitchen cabinetry, hardware, and counters.  Also included is an expansion in the paint line to include a new faux painting kit (shown above) that includes all the tools you'll need to create a faux bois, combing, brushing, sponging, and other paint techniques.  The kit is scheduled to be in stores in September.  The official launch of the new kitchen products is slated for September 30, with an event at the MSLO offices in New York. 

Most of all, I'm very excited to see the first advertisement for "Mad Hungry" with Lucinda Scala Quinn, a brand new show for the Hallmark Channel, airing weekdays at noon. 

I had the opportunity to meet Lucinda during her book tour for Mad Hungry and I found her not only intelligent and well spoken; but a "real person" who had a magnificent way of engaging her audience.  Her book, "Mad Hungry - Feeding Men and Boys" is one of my favorite cookbooks in my ever growing collection. 

"Mad Hungry" premieres September 13th, as does the sixth season opener of the "Martha Stewart Show."  Also slated to premiere on the 13th is "Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer," an hour long talk show based on the successful radio show of the same name. 


mike said...

I still can't figure out why "he's" on the cover... painstaking is right [and the emphasis isn't on "staking"]. Can't wait to get it though - that cake article sounds "fab-u-lous"! And I love the Maine house as well. Time to batten the hatches and get churning those Holiday Ideas!

Elaine said...

It looks like a great issue. I am looking forward to trying out the faux bois kit. I hope I don't go crazy with it.


I LOVE the splash page!!

Pru said...

The September issue cannot be as bad as the August issue - I thought it was awful.

I look forward to the September issue. Maybe the cover will have more shots of other staff in the future.

I hear that Martha may be shown on UK TV through 'Diva TV' although it hasn't been confirmed. I am truly excited.