Thursday, August 26, 2010

Halloween Spooktacular!

You'll want to take a second look as you pass by the newsstand... (I did!) the Best of Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook is appearing on shelves! 

Martha appears on the cover again this year with one of the most spectacular Halloween costumes ever!  The wig alone looks like it weighs 50 pounds! 

Inside, you'll find the best ideas over the years from the pages of Martha Stewart Living magazine.  There are over 150 great ideas to decorate for the holiday, plan the perfect party, and great recipes to make treats that will prevent anyone from playing a trick on you. 

If you don't find it on your newsstand just yet, don't fret;  the official release date is August 31st and is not part of a regular subscription.   


perfectingpru said...

Martha sure does look wonderful. I hope they show the 'behind the scenes' photos of the shoot for this one.

mike said...

I'm checking this weekend... today actually. Can't wait! Looks like a spook-riffic issue this year! Glad they are still taking the time and effort to doing these special editions - looking forward to the holiday issue!!!

Elaine said...

I will look for it this weekend!

John R. said...

OMG, I think I have that same wig and outfit!!! ;-)

Did you find this issue in the store already? I'm going to check Target right now, they're good for putting these on the shelves early!