Monday, June 21, 2010

Martha Stewart Pets

Martha Stewart Pets, available exclusively at Petsmart, has shown up on the Petsmart website. Local stores are currently being reset to inlcude the new Martha Stewart pets line.

The Martha Stewart Pets line is focused on dog owners. Being a cat owner, this disappoints me a bit. However, I can only hope future product releases will include care items for cats as well.

Priced on the higher end of moderate, the line is attractive and useful. Here is a glimpse into some of the items that are available:

Don't let your dog 'waste' your time!  Brightly colored waste bags for your long walks when Fido has taken a bathroom break.

Fleece toys for dogs.  There are several styles to select from.
Quilted waste pads.. if Fido isn't quite yet house broken, these may come in handy to keep your floors clean and dry.  These coordinate with the waste pad liners.

A large waste pan liner to hold the quilted waste pads. Now THIS, I may use, since it could easily house a litterbox.

Tennis anyone?  A classic dog toy, the tennis ball takes on a bright new look!  Available in three colors!

Doesn't every pet need a microfiber bath mat? 

I love the bag.  This Grooming tool bag holds all the necessary tools to keep your dog well groomed.

I can't help myself... it's in Martha blue; one of my favorite colors.  A feeding station.. it's a must have.  Bowls and mat are sold indvidually.
Don't let your dog treats get stale!  Keep them in one of these handy melamine treat storage cans. 

Keep your dogs kibble fresher, longer!  These clips will help you do so!

The three part feeding dish comes with base, stainless steel bowl and a tight fitting lid to match. 

These and other items in the Martha Stewart Pets collection can be found by viewing the Petsmart Martha Stewart Pets page here. 



I LOVE THESE! And I don't even have a pet! I think it's the colours and the design.

mike said...

Um.... are they going to even notice? :)

Probably not - but I'm sure their "owner" will - and is dancing for joy right about now. Beautiful packaging I must say!!!

Elaine said...

I will have to check out those bowls. I wonder if I can velcro them to the mat to keep Little One from moving them around the kitchen...Hmm...surely I am not the only pet owner that has a cat that enjoys moving her water bowl. I really like those tennis balls - I wonder if you can actually use them on the court?