Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebrating Fabulous

On Wednesday, June 16th, television will experience something fresh, new, cutting edge, and fabulous; the debut of "The Fabulous Beekman Boys," on Planet Green. 
In our home, we're celebrating the fabulous.  We're celebrating not only the premiere of the new show; but we're celebrating fabulous friendships. 

In April of 2008, I was watching the Martha Stewart Show when "Dr. Brent" demonstrated with Martha the fine art of making goat milk soap.  It was then that I learned of Dr. Brent's new venture, "Beekman 1802."  I logged in to their website and was instantly impressed with the "expirement in seasonal living" at the farm.

A day or two later, my dear friend John sent me an email:  "check this out... it's from Dr. Brent's partner.."  Partner??  As in what our community calls a "partner??"  What John had forwarded me was a link to the website of Josh Kilmer Purcell and his blog post that introduced the world to "B."  B of course, was for Brent.   I decided to shoot a comment to Josh on his blog:

That started my association with Brent and Josh.  A single blog comment led to product orders, commenting on Brent's blog, and eventual email exchanges. 

Since that Saturday in April of 2008,  I've been an enthusiastic supporter of Beekman 1802, and what Josh and Brent are wanting to achieve with their work.  I've made it a point to learn all I can learn about the mansion and the man who built it. I've watched with curiosity and great satisfaction as the guys built their brand.  Through this blog, Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth, and sharing product with friends and family, I've taken it upon myself to spread the word of Beekman 1802.  I've had the pleasure of sharing with you interviews with Brent and Josh here on House Blend. As Brent once said, I was "Beekman by proxy."  I'm kind of proud of that.

Last year, David and I were invited to the farm for a visit and we finally met the guys behind the soap, the blog, the website, and the numerous emails.  It was a visit I'll never forget and it was a turning point in the development of several great friendships that are so important to me.

So I sit here at my computer, writing this post while an energy of excitement goes through me for my friends Josh and Brent.  I'm so happy that the show is about to make television history.  I'm happy for Angela Rae Berg, and the entire creative team at World of Wonder Productions for putting together a great show.  I had the pleasure of meeting many of the film crew and they are nothing less than fabulous, themselves!

So, Wednesday at 9pm, I'll raise my glass and salute my friends.  I may just do a 'model walk' through my living room.  Congratulations, Josh.  Congratulations, Brent.  Happy premiere day!



It's so exciting, isn't it Kenn? I'm so thrilled for them! What an amazing adventure it's been!

Elaine said...

I have the DVR all set to go and I am looking forward to watching tomorrow!

josh said...

It's nice that that three of you are on this post...because it lets me say to all of you that we probably would've walked away from the farm in late 2008 had it not been for your encouragement, support, and, yes...soap orders. we came very close to not making it, and we still struggle, but you guys kept us going, and growing. thank you for spreading the word. without you it would've been silenced. xo

Bridgette said...

I've watched both episodes twice! Love Love Love it!!!

Pru said...

That is a wonderful comment from Josh above, Kenn. I have to say that I get all my Beekman news from you now and rarely go to the Beekman site (bad I know). I wish Josh and Brent every happiness with this new venture.

mike said...

What a great memory and post for such nice friends! Who knew that relationship would come from an email - how wonderful for you all! Best of luck with the new show!