Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Garden Update

Here in our area, April was the second warmest on record.  We had several 80 degree days, and numerous 70 degree days which prompted the gardens to grow much faster than usual. 

The month of May brings our "frost free" date (a couple weeks away), and it's a month of amazing growth.  Here's a look at some of the garden residents this afternoon:

This beautiful HUGE Hosta is one of my favorites.  The bright colored leaves just 'pop' in the shade garden.  (once the leaves all come out on the trees, it will be shady!)

Wild violets find their way into some of the silliest places.  Here they've popped up in the garden path.

The large woodland ferns are growing so fast you can almost see it happening before your eyes!

A beautiful, stray Columbine plant shows off it's spectacular beauty. 

The Hydrangea bushes are growing rapidly as well.  I'm hoping we do not get a frost.. I'll have to cover these precious plants if one is predicted.  The bushes are going to be huge this year!  My secret:  Plantone all natural fertilizer.

The lillies are growing almost as fast as the ferns!  Last year, these plants gave me so many vases of beautiful flowers.

Feeling vintage?  Hollyhocks are perfect for that old vintage feel!

Another Hosta going strong!

Small violas, lush and beautiful. 

I wasn't sure if this Astilbe would survive the winter, but it did and it's looking great!

The Delphinium is loving all the warm weather!  I can't wait to see the beautiful blue spikes of flowers!

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do! 

Raspberry vines are growing strong next to an old metal storage shed.  These things multiply like crazy! I think there will be more jelly in my future!

A small bed of Iris getting ready to bloom.

The Trumpet Vines are leafing out.  Soon they'll be growing all over the place!

Another big Hosta.  Can you tell I like Hosta?

The Lady's Mantle continues to grow. 

A few of the Iris that are blooming.  These are closer to the house.

Another gorgeous Columbine.  The color is a deep, deep maroon.  I let it self seed every year.



You've been busy, Mr. Green Thumb! First of all, the blog looks superb - so clean and streamlined. Second of all, the garden looks AMAZING! Great photographs, too!

Carillon said...

Kenn, love your garden photos; brings memories of growing up in Minnesota. Now, here in Phoenix, we have to really struggle with gardens to keep them blooming, although you would be amazed at what Phoenix gardeners can produce! My garden is pretty spectacular this year, because of all the rain we had in Jan-March. Glad to see you're back!
Carillon in Phoenix

Elaine said...

Gorgeous photos! Everything looks lush and lovely. I hope there is jelly in your future - and mine! (my John does too!) :)

perfectingpru said...

The blog really is looking wonderful Kenn. I quickly popped on to see if anything was happening and I was amazed by the transformation - its great.

Your garden is looking wonderful. What shape is it? I love the Hostas, and the hydrangeas - I can't wait for more photos.

Kenn said...

Carillon! Great to hear from you! I'm sure the gardens in Arizona are just beautiful.. you'll have to share pictures sometime!

Kenn said...

Thanks, Andrew! I do like this design for the blog. It's still a work in progress, but I will get it all converted soon!

Kenn said...

Elaine -
I was out looking at the Raspberry vines today.. loaded with blooms which hopefully will mean a huge batch of berries this year! I loved making the jelly last year.. I'll be sure to make more, berries willing!

Kenn said...

Hi Pru!
Thank you for your kind words about the blog and the gardens. There are a variety of gardens here, most in your average rectangular beds. Once things grow a bit more and are at their peak of perfection, I'll take some wider shots so you can see them from a distance to get an idea of what they look like. Gardening is such a great pleasure for me! It's therapy after a long day at work!

mike said...

SO much more growth than we have - mine are about 3 weeks behind yours - hostas are just now shooting up! Something to look forward to though! I share my neighbor's raspberry bushes (under the fence) - whether I like it or not - they come up everywhere! Lovely photographs!