Sunday, April 25, 2010

Farm Visit

I grew up in the country.  The sound of a passing tractor, the 'moo' of cows in the pasture, and a night sky full of stars were part of everyday life.  I always feel most comfortable in the clean country air. 

Saturday, David and I visited the home and farm of our friend Nancy and her husband Kendall who live and work a farm not too far from where I grew up.  I took my camera along to capture a few pictures from the farm. 

The farm was established in 1907 by Kendall's grandparents, Reuben and Martha.  The farm has been in the same family all these  years. 

They recieve Centennial Farm designation by the state of Michigan.  This sign is displayed at the entrance to their property.

The chickens in their chicken house produce the most amazing eggs.  If you've never had farm fresh eggs, you haven't eaten a REAL egg!  I love how the chicken on the right is looking to see what all the fuss was about.

Their home is large and typical for a Michigan farm.  The stone foundation holds a beautifully decorated home that overlooks the farmland. 

The crab apple trees were already in bloom.  A wonderful burst of color.

It was feeding time for the large herd of cattle.  New calves were hanging with the adults.  They looked at me with curiosity as I snapped photos.

There were several new lambs.  They were so adorable!  They looked like stuffed animals. 

There are many barn cats on the farm.  Nancy takes wonderful care of them and is the process of having them all spayed/neutered to break the reproductive cycle.  They are all quite friendly and as you can see by these two, quite handsome!

These two were inseparable.  As they walked along, they would nudge and cuddle each other.  Best pals.

The big barn is just gorgeous.  I imagined the orignal farm owners Reuben and Martha peering out over their land from these windows.

We picked up a couple dozen of the fresh eggs to take home.  Beautiful brown, green, blue, and tan eggs from the Araucana Chickens. 


mike said...

The lambs are just the cutest - what a great farm and a neat visit! Everything is so beautiful and serene....!

Elaine said...

What a great field trip! Thanks for sharing your experience and photos with us.