Thursday, April 8, 2010

Early Garden.. Early Worries

The weather has been unseasonably warm for the last two weeks.  With the warm weather, the gardens have come alive!  While I love the beauty of the young plants, it brings a bit of worry; our area is known for those freezing and frosty nights in April and May.  I will have to keep a careful eye on the weather reports and be prepared to cover on a nightly basis if necessary.  Here's a look at what's happening in the garden today:

All of the rose bushes are pushing leaves.  I love the purple green color of the leaves

The bleeding heart has such delicate flowers.  It's one of my favorites in the garden during the early spring.

The clematis is growing like a weed!

Lily after lily is breaking ground and stretching toward the sun. 

The hydrangea bushes are also bursting with new leaves.  I think there will be substantial growth this year!

Martha Stewart turned me on to Ladies Mantle about 12 years ago.  I've loved the plant since and each year it continues to spread. 

The astible is quickly gaining some size!

I love daffodils.  There is a smattering of these beautiful spring blooms all through the gardens.

The Chinese wisteria is LOADED with buds.  I love the light purple clusters of flowers.  They look like delicate clusters of grapes when in full bloom.

Even the peonies are gaining some substantial size.  I will have to be VERY careful to make sure nothing happens to this beauty!  The pink/white/red flowers are so vintage and beautiful looking!

The daisies are ready for another season!  This plant nearly doubled in size from last  year.

Even the hosta are taking off a bit earlier than usual.  We grow several different types of hosta in the gardens. They are easy to care for and provide great color/texture in any garden. 


perfectingpru said...

Your garden is looking wonderful Kenn. I took some photos of my garden this morning and I was amazed at how well things are coming on. I am envious of how well your peony is growing, but our weather is still quite cold so I am sure that I will catch you up eventually!

Elaine said...

Beautiful photos! The bleeding heart is so pretty.