Monday, April 19, 2010

The Day With Tracie Hotchner

For the last couple of months, I’ve had the good fortune to plan and coordinate a pet nutrition presentation and book signing by Tracie Hotchner, the fabulous host of “Cat Chat” on Martha Stewart Living Radio. Tracie made her first Michigan appearance at the PETCO store in Westland, Michigan yesterday. It was a day to remember!

Of all the pet experts on MSL-Radio, Tracie is by far my favorite. Her style, her knowledge, and the passion for her work drew me in to trust her and her message on pet wellness.

I was lucky enough to not only coordinate the event, which benefited Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue; but I met some great people from PETCO along the way. The real bonus was that I got to spend the entire day with Tracie as her guide and “advance man.” Here are a few photos from the event.

Tracie gave her presentation "You're Feeding Your Pet, WHAT?!" Afterward, she signed copies of her best-seilling books,  "The Dog Bible" and "The Cat Bible." 

Tracie signed numerous books.  If you own a pet and have not yet read either book, you must order one and read it!  It will change the way you look at your four-legged companion!

Representatives from natural pet food companies were on hand and wanted the opportunity to meet Tracie

Tracie with the rep from Natural Balance - one of the oldest companies that made GOOD pet food available to the public. 

Tracie with Jenie from PETCO corporate.  Jenie was a delight to work with on the event and such a warm and friendly person.  She is one of those people that you  just instantly like!

Expressive and passionate, Tracie shared the truth about commercial pet foods.

A moment to listen to one of the guests questions.

After the event, Tracie took a moment to pose for a picture with PETCO store managers Rachel and Pat.  I was so fortunate to have such a supportive local store management team.   They were so easy to work with and we had some good laughs along the way too!

Following the PETCO event, Tracie went to the Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue for a site visit.  Tracie has been so supportive of FMAR and it was a great opportunity for her to see the operation up close and personal. 

We were greeted by Amber, one of the shelter cats.  She's adorable!

Tracie with many of the volunteer staff and board members from FMAR.

Tracie with Marcy and Pete LaFramboise, founders of Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue

You can listen to Tracie on "Cat Chat," Wednesday nights at 8pm eastern time, on Martha Stewart Living Radio, Sirius 112 / XM 157.  You can also download for FREE her weekly podcasts on iTunes.  Simply search "Tracie Hotchner" in the iTunes store. For more information, log into Tracie's website at


John R. said...

This was a really great event! Tracie is so much fun, wish I had the chance to chat with her more!
Kudos to you, Kenn, David, Marcy, Pete and everyone else who was involved!

Elaine said...

Hmmm...I am going to do this again...for some reason my comments aren't showing up.

It looks like it was such a fabulous event and I am not surprised because I know how hard you worked on it. I am so glad that Tracie got to visit the Animal Rescue and was able to meet everyone. Congratulations!

mike said...

What a great event - and the planning was superb! Now.... where are the photos of you and the cat lady??? :) I agree - kudos to you for organizing a wonderful event!

perfectingpru said...

I agree with Mike, Kenn - a photo of you two would have been lovely. This event looks so good and I hope youare really proud of the work that you put into the day.