Sunday, January 17, 2010


There is a wonderful article in the February issue of Martha Stewart Living featuring Darcy Miller at a recent gallery showing of her work that she calls, "scrapboxing." 

This out of the box (no pun intended) approach to scrapbooking makes memory keeping more of a decorative element in the home. 

Treasured keepsakes are placed into display boxes and can be arranged on a picture ledge, or hung as a grouping in a childs room.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Darcy suggests that each frame features one idea, often combining a few elements: a Fourth of July snapshot along with a small flag; a maternity-ward photo and a baby’s cap; or a paint set paired with the little artist’s masterpiece. Grouped on shelves, the boxes formed a mixed-media
collage, heralding special occasions and everyday ones, too.

This new twist on mixing shadow boxes with scrapbooking really caught my eye and I was inspired to try one of my own. 

Our visits to Sharon Springs and to Beekman have left us with lasting impressions and wonderful memories.  In this scrapbox, photographs, notes, and other Beekman related items are together in one place.  The photographs were reprinted in sepia tones to better mix with the other items.  I even included a guest bar of lavender soap from the American Hotel. Now, when I look at this box, all those memories come rushing back.  I mean really.. who could forget goat kisses?


Elaine said...

Your scrapbox is beautiful, Kenn, and a wonder way to preserve your Beekman memories!

mike said...

SO impressed! I wish I had done or gone somewhere this past year to warrant such a neat craft! It's beautiful and I'm sure it will bring back lots of great memories! I didn't know you even owned a bone folder..... :)

Brent Ridge said...

Kenn! Your scrapbox is beautiul!

Will in Texas said...

I love the spoon in the center. Dang, I hope they still have some left to buy. I am conflicted about which scarf I want - the red or gray.

Love the scrapbox.

sgennett said...

Inspired by Darcy Miller’s scrapboxing display in the February issue of Martha Stewart Living and on the Martha Stewart Show? Now is your chance to show off your own scrapboxes! Simply take a picture of your masterpiece and upload it to the Martha Stewart website: