Monday, January 11, 2010

Congratulations and Well Wishes

This Thursday is all about blogging on the Martha Stewart Show and I'm very happy that two bloggers I follow closely will be guests on the show. 

Blogger Jeff Blumenkrantz has been spending the year cooking fabulously through Martha's Cooking School book.  His blog, Jeff and Martha, chronicles his cooking adventures complete with a realistic grading system for the work accomplished.  If you've not stopped by his blog, please do!  His realistic journey through the book is a true pleasure to read.  Jeff will be able to pick up hints and tips directly from Martha as he cooks with her side by side on Thursday.

Friend and fellow blogger Andrew Ritchie will also be a guest on Thursday.  Andrew's blog, Martha Moments keeps readers posted on current MSLO events and happenings and you'll also find several of Andrew's own essays on a variety of lifestyle topics.  Andrew will learn clever things to do with yarn when he crafts with Martha on Thursday. 

I'm happy that both of them will have the opportunity to meet Martha.  I remember the first time I met Martha, I was beside myself.. I was overwhelmed with exitement and I'm sure these two deserving gentlemen are feeling much the same.  

Congratulations to both Jeff and Andrew! We'll be watching!


mike said...

Why weren't YOU invited?

Good luck to all - and exciting journey, I'm sure!

Elaine said...

Really! My sentiments are the same as Mike's. You are my No. 1 Martha blog!

It's great that two members of your Martha Blog Network are going to be on the show. It will be fun watching.