Thursday, November 19, 2009

Martha Stewart on Nightline

The ABC News series, "Nightline" will feature a full interview with Martha Stewart on Thursday evening, following your late night news.  (check local listings for specific air times)

There is already a great deal of media buzz about this interview.  Martha gives some straight talk on the company she founded, the legal troubles that impacted the company, and the rebuilding of the brand.  Sadly, what ABC News released as a 'promo' for the interview, included Martha's comments regarding Food Network personality Rachael Ray, referring to her as more of an entertainer than teacher.  As you can well imagine, media outlets are having a field day with that little sound bite!

After reading the story recap on, I have no doubt this will be an interesting interview to watch. 

What I find bothersome is the never ending attempt to change Martha.  Many people refer to Martha as a 'snob,' 'cold,' 'calculating,' and 'impersonal.'  Yeah?  So? 

What I've learned from following Martha for a number of years is to not expect her to be all warm and fuzzy.  She takes her role as a teacher of 'good things' seriously and is driven to be successful at what she does.  Could she win more hearts if she appeared to be a bit more personable?  Perhaps.  But what I appreciate about Martha is the fact that she just is who she is, like it or not.  If the public focused less on the personality and more on the content, I think they'd have a better appreciation for her work. 

What drew me in to Martha many years ago was her instructive style.  I recall on the old Living show,  the precise step by step, how to instruction that made me WANT to follow the steps and achieve the same results.  I was hooked. This was the kind of information I wanted and found valuable.  I wasn't looking for a 'best friend' to walk me through the steps; I wasn't looking to be entertained. I wanted a teacher to teach me.  I found that with Martha.  But... that's just me. 

So, set your DVR, or tune in to the interview.  I don't think we'll learn anything new or hear anything 'shocking;' but I will always find it interesting to see a 'day in the life of Martha Stewart.'   


Anonymous said...

But you have to agree that she's miserable. She doesn't even look happy.

Elaine said...

I still miss the old format. I think the interview will be interesting.

Elaine said...

Oh, and I LOVE the banner! It is so cheerful and Christmasy!


Well said, Kenn. I admire Martha's honesty and her exacting precision in all things she does. She is easily misunderstood because of this. As to whether she is happy or not, it is not really for us to say.

Pamela D said...

I think she is happy. She has a good giggle frequently, and not at the expense of others. I love how frank she is about prison and I get a kick out of her prison jokes and comments. Snobbish and cold? I think not!

I see Martha as an exemplar, a person whose skills I want to emulate. Martha is all about perfection in her approach to home skills; which, in my view, is far better than personable and easy. I agree that content is what counts with Martha.