Monday, November 9, 2009

Home Depot Offers Christmas Light Recycling

Home Depot stores are making a great offer for their customers who are thinking eco-smart this holiday season! 

Bring in your old or broken incandescent Christmas lights and receive a coupon for $3 off the purchase of energy efficient LED lights! 

LED lights use 80% less energy than traditional lights while giving a deeper, brighter color glow to your holiday decorating.  The $3 off promotion is an excellent savings to help all customers make the switch to LED.

The Christmas light trade in ends on November 15.  Customers can trade in up to 5 strands of lights.  If you've thought about making the switch to LED, now is the time and Home Depot is the place!


mike said...

I won't be using that many exterior lights this year. :)

Great promotion! Sounds like a wonderful deal - I've yet to try LED! Anything to save $$ is worth the extra effort!

Elaine said...

I didn't know about this. What a wonderful thing that Home Depot is doing - Hooray to them! Thanks for telling us about it, Kenn.