Friday, October 16, 2009

Martha's Planning Calendar

There's a new feature on  Martha's Planning Calendar.

Martha's calendar, has always been a favorite with readers of the magazine.  After a brief absence, the calendar returned this year to the delight of hundreds of thousands of subscribers and readers. Now, it's available on the website. 

Martha's Planning Calendar can be customized to your own interests, and you can even add Martha's calendar to your own if you use Yahoo, Google, Outlook, or iCal.  Simply click on the calendar topics you wish to subscribe to and indicate your calendar of choice.  The calendar will automatically download, keeping you ahead of the rest, with timely seasonal reminders, holiday reminders, and more. 

I encourage readers of to really pay attention!  New features are often added with little or no announcement and you could very well miss out on something you might enjoy.  I always take a few moments to really search through the site to see what I can discover!

Martha's Planning Calendar... it's a very good thing!


mike said...

I don't understand why I wasn't aware of this.... I'm looking at my calendar..... and I see no record of this feature. How can you expect people to keep up to date when news like this is announced out of the blue? Saturday, October 17: Trim hedges, bake Fall Havest Pie, buy new calendar.

Great news!

Elaine said...

What a great feature! Thank you for the tip to look at it closely for news and highlights that we might not find anywhere else!