Sunday, October 4, 2009

If Brownie Can Do It - So Can Martha

Now, doesn't everyone dress like this to shop and prepare a meal?

In 1946, Earl Tupper introduced “Tupperware” with that famous ‘burping,’ tight sealing lid, to the American public. Originally available only in department stores, sales of the plastic wonder were not as robust as Tupper had hoped. The revolutionary product had one significant flaw – consumers didn’t know they ‘needed’ the product or how to use the product. A burping lid? What did that mean?!

Flash to south Florida. Brownie Wise, a mother and top seller with Stanley Home Products discovered the Tupperware product on store shelves and made a decision to add the burping wonder to her array of home cleaning products and brushes. Brownie, who was a direct sales genius, knew a good thing when she saw it and became the sales leader of Tupperware products, quickly out-selling department stores.

Brownie Wise

Brownie knew what the problem was – education. She combined her sales pitch with educating the consumer on the many uses of Tupperware. This combination of education and sales proved successful and the Tupperware Home Party was born.

In 1951, Tupperware products were taken off the shelves at department stores and became exclusively sold at home demonstrations.

With Brownie Wise leading up the sales department, Tupperware experienced massive growth. Brownie realized that the women (and a few men!) who sold Tupperware at home parties were responsible for the success of the company and rewarded them in ways unheard of during that time period. Cars, furs, trips, merchandise and the famous annual Jubilee celebration, recognized Tupperware’s top sellers and motivated others to set and reach higher goals.

Other companies learned from Brownies expertise and began direct home sales plans, rewarding multi-level participants with awards of product and income. One of the most successful ‘spin-offs’ is the Pampered Chef home party. With cooking demonstrations that use Pampered Chef products, and recipe exchanges, guests of the home party learn how to use the tools to their best advantage, making their lives easier in this ever fast paced world.

Recently, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has gotten into the home party plan in the UK, with his product line “Jamie at Home.” Through the direct sales model, consultants of Jamie at Home hold home parties, to demonstrate and educate, resulting in sales of the ‘must have’ products.

and look.. a "Martha Blue" bowl!

Hmmm.. can you imagine Martha Stewart Home parties?

Enthusiastic Martha Home consultants, donned in the standard uniform of khaki’s and “Martha blue” polo shirts (emblazoned with the Martha logo) could teach the world how to live the Martha way, using Martha Home products. The Martha Home consultant could not only demonstrate the best way to prepare a meal using Martha products, they could even demonstrate how to arrange and hang pictures on a wall using the Martha Home picture hanging kit. It would be a ‘must have’ in every household!

Holiday themed parties would bring glittering to life at a Martha Home party. Confused on how to use a punch around the page paper punch? No worries! The Martha Home consultant can provide the careful guidance to make any paper crafter successful. The possibilities are endless.

Now, think about a Martha Jubilee… a huge hall filled with consultants eagerly await the keynote speech from Martha. Martha herself would hand out the annual sales awards to deserving consultants. Editors from “Living” would conduct workshops to educate and strengthen the sales force. New product introductions would bring thunderous applause from the enthusiastic participants who eagerly place their own orders to add the new product to their sales kit. Pumped up and ready to sell, the consultants would return to their communities and hold party after party. Brownie Wise wanted Tupperware in every home. Why not set the same goal for Martha Home products?!

As I was writing this post, an email came in from my friend Mike.  I couldn't believe my eyes...

Yes, you read correctly.. a Martha Stewart Crafts House Party! 

Sponsored by EK Success and people interested in hosting a Martha Stewart Crafts House Party can apply on line to be a host for this special event. The selected hosts will receive a party kit filled with Martha Stewart Craft Products and other items to help make the home party a success.  There are no direct sales involved - rather it's an educational session to 'entice' others to purchase and use items from the craft line.  I love the idea.

Yes.. I did apply to be a party host.  (it has potential to be fabulous) I need to pull out the khakis and Martha blue polo just in case I'm selected. 


Elaine said...

This is a WONDERFUL post and it is a GREAT idea! I really enjoyed reading the history of Tupperware and LOVE the old photos!

Kate said...

Love this! I also applied to be a party host - just a fun idea! Thanks for letting us know.

mike said...

That's one big bowl that lady's got. What a great idea - I would love to host a housewares party (crafts are a little out of my "league"). Great post Kenn - I have the PBS DVD "Tupperware", which I highly recommend - it's a great history of Tupperware. Hopefully "good things" will come of this House Party! I know you'll be a great hostess... :)