Monday, October 19, 2009

Everyday Food - November Issue

The November issue of Everyday Food arrived in my mailbox today and this is definitely the issue to keep handy as you prepare your Thanksgiving feast this year!

Inside, you'll find a simple Thankgiving menu that will let you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your friends and family at the table.  You'll discover the secret to a golden, juicy turkey, plus there are easy recipes for favorite holiday side dishes like bread stuffing with sage and bourbon sweet potatoes.  (p. 116)  Anyone hungry for more?

If you wake up the Friday after Thanksgiving wondering what in the world you'll do with the leftovers, wonder no more!  There's no b etter way to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers than in sandwiches.  The November issue has the editors' favorites from savory turkey BLTs to decadent pumpkin-pie treats.  The possibilities are endless.  (p. 148)

Make your pies ahead of time and make a big impression at the feasting table!  For an unforgettable finale to the feast, serve up a creamy, indulgent treat pulled straight from the refrigerator like a chocolate mousee tart with hazelnuts or coconut cream pie.  No one will be able to resist! (p.128)

Plus, the Thanksgiving Handbook found on page 85 is a strategy-packed guide that will make this year's holiday the easiest ever.  Find turkey tips, a shopping list and schedule, and step-by-step instructions on stuffing, gravy-making, and carving. 

Let the November issue of Everyday Food make your Thanksgiving holiday one of the best (and easiest) ever!


Elaine said...

I just love the Thanksgiving and Christmas issues and can't wait to get this in the mail.

John R. said...

I just got my issue today as well! Getting ready to look through it as I lay down for the night! Like Elaine, November and December issues of Everyday Food tend to be my favorites!

mike said...

I got mine last week. I actually had to scan it for someone, can you believe that? They like... needed it right away.


Jim said...

I received a survey early in the summer to help pick the cover for the November issue. My pick ended up being the cover. The other choice was an overhead shot of the table with the bird and all the trimmings. The cover selected was the traditional concept for T-day.

After that I received another survey for input on a new gingerbread cake mix. Questions ranged from the name of the mix, font and font size, images, background colors. It was an interesting survey and I can't wait to see what the box looks like.