Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Martha Stewart Halloween Decorating with FLOR

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It won't be long before the mysterious black silhouettes will be in the windows, the pumpkin creatures will be lining your front steps, and other frightful additions will be made to your home in time to celebrate Martha's favorite holiday, Halloween.

Have you ever thought about decorating your floor for Halloween? Now you can, with this amazing new rug kit available from Martha Stewart Floor Designs with FLOR!

The "Arachnophobia" rug kit comes with everything you need to decorate your entry, your family room, your kitchen, or any other room of your house!

This cobweb and spider design is perfect for Halloween when you want to add that spooky feeling to any room in your house. The cut and loop construction makes the rug soft underfoot while extremely durable. The spider design is only available on random tiles, so you may have more than one eight legged creature to contend with when you fully assemble your rug.

The rug kits come in two color options, Ash on Raven (white on black) or Pumpkin on Raven (orange on black) and in three different sizes: 6 tiles (3'x5'); 12 tiles (5'x7'); or 30 tiles (8'x10'). Ranging in price from $95 (3x5) to $479 (8x10), this rug kit is a one time investment you can use year after year! With FLOR, the carpet is not attached to your floor itself! You can easily disassemble the kit after the Halloween holiday and store it away until next year.

Each rug kit comes with installation instructions, and a sufficient number of FLOR dots to assemble your cobweb masterpiece!

I received my Arachnophobia rug today and did a test assembly.. it looks GREAT! I'll be using my Arachnophobia rug in my kitchen area, where guests always gather. The carpet is soft, the design is charming and is sure to surprise our Halloween guests this year!

To see the Arachnophobia rug and other designs from Martha Stewart, visit FLOR and explore the possibilities!

Here's your chance to win a 5x7 Arachnophobia rug kit of your own!
Thanks to our friends at FLOR, readers of this blog have the opportunity to win a beautiful 5x7 arachnophobia rug kit! Here's all you have to do:

Leave a comment on this post telling us where you would use the Arachnophobia rug if you won. It's that simple!!! No major writing contest... we're just interested in your ideas! You must include your first name in your comment. Anonymous comments will not be considered.

A winner will be selected AT RANDOM on Monday evening, September 21. The winner will be announced in a blog post that evening with instructions on how to claim the prize. The winner will receive their rug directly from FLOR.

How easy is that?!

Leave a comment and enter your chance to win this spooktacular addition for your Halloween decorating!


John R. said...

I would place the FLOR Arachnophobia Rug in the center of my living room as that's the first room people see when they enter my home and is always the main focus of my holiday decorating!

John Roberts

mike said...

That is actually a wonderful rug! It's nice to see it up close! As much as I would love to have it in my home, I would assemble it for use in my company's Daycare. All the children have a Halloween Party day in the daycare, fully decorated, and play games, dress up and walk about the building on their trick-or-treat parade. It's so much fun handing out candy and seeing their costumes. A great rug - anyone would be lucky to receive it. I own FLOR too (a "small" little rug, but a great one)!

Elaine said...

What an exciting contest and how generous of FLOR! I would put my rug in my entry way so that the little and big trick-or-treaters could see it as soon as we open the door.

Carrie said...

What a wonderful rug! I would put the rug in my foyer in front of my stair case. That is where all of my arachnids gather for Halloween!

Jonathan said...

i would use the Arachnophobia rug in hallway

Shel said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday and Arachnophobia is my the Flor I adore...I'd put it in my dining room which joins my kitchen and my family room. It's the room that gets the most traffic and also where I work at the computer. I'd have a hard time putting it away after Halloween is over; I think we'd be celebrating Halloween year-round..at least where we tread.

Cindy said...

Cindy - I would put this rug in my front foyer and set up my Halloween tree and witches cauldron off to the side.

Amber said...

I absolutely LOVE Halloween. Its my favorite time of the year. If I won this beautiful Flor rug, it would go in my kitchen, where I do most of my entertaining, and where all the little ghost and goblin trick or treaters would see it best!

Carolyn Thompson said...

I have two wrought iron spider web backed chairs in my dining room. This rug is a must have to complete the spider theme!

malibu boy said...

In our family we have a tradition where "Mr. Pumpkin" greets children on Halloween night as they approach the big porch.

On the last year of his life, my father hid a tiny speaker in a real pumpkin and stood in the darkened kitchen looking out the window onto the porch. Using a wireless Radio Shack mic, he would comment on each kid's costume as they came up to get candy - and talk back with them. Everyone in our family keeps this tradition alive... and now kids who first talked to Mr Pumpkin in the 80s are bringing their children to meet him years later!

I would use the rug underneath Mr. Pumpkin's table to for kids to stand on when they talk to him.

Anonymous said...

I would assemble the rug to be a runner down a hallway adorned with silhouettes on the walls and eerie lighting.

Anonymous said...

I would assemble the rug to be a runner down a hallway adorned with silhouettes on the walls and eerie lighting.

faux painter said...

I would put this in the middle of my living room and attach a black light neon rope to the outside edge. That way when I turn the lights off and just the neons are on it will look really awesome.