Friday, September 4, 2009

Martha Stewart Crafts - Punch Around the Page

Martha Stewart Crafts recently introduced a new crafting tool, the "Punch Around the Page" paper punch set. The corner punch and the edge punch work together to create a beautiful border around the entire page. The possibilities are nearly endless for scrapbook pages, card making, or even when framing photographs.

The Punch Around the Page tools are available at Michaels and other independent retailers.

To learn more about using these great crafting tools, watch the video below from Martha Stewart Crafts:


Elaine said...

I haven;t had a chance to go to Michaels to look for those punches, but they look like they would be fun to use,

mike said...

Can I use them to punch out poster board? Or perhaps, and this might be too heavy, masonite?


I love the spiderweb design. Whoever finds the actual product to buy gets a free spatula! :)

Debi D said...

I love these around-the-page punches! Such a beautiful array of styles and designs. They really add a professional touch to my scrapbook pages, as well as my cards. Once you master using them - which isn't all that difficult if you READ the directions - you can do so much with them. I'm teaching a class tonight and will introduce them to the participants. Can't wait for all the oooooo's and ahhhhhh's!