Friday, August 14, 2009

A New Addiction - "Baked" Brownies

Rich delicious cocoa, deep dark chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar.. sound like heaven? It is.. almost. These are just a couple of the ingredients in my new addiction, brownies from the "Baked" cookbook authored by the owners of Baked in Red Hook, Brooklyn New York.

If you love chocolate, like I love chocolate, then these brownies are for you! A little bit fudge and a little bit cake, these incredibly rich brownies will soothe away any chocolate craving you might encounter.

Matt Lewis, one of the owners of Baked, (the business is co-owned with Renato Poliafito) has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show several times, sharing his recipes for delicious treats that are available at Baked. Martha has raved about the Brooklyn based store as has Oprah, who named the Baked brownie as one of her "favorite things". It's easy to see why. Umm.. let me rephrase that; it's easy to TASTE why!

The first cookbook release, "Baked: New Frontiers in Baking" was released in 2008 and quickly became a best seller. My copy of the book was in pristine condition until I started baking brownies! Now, I'm eager to try several of the recipes in the book but I'm unsure if anything can top my new addiction.

In the top photo of this entry, I topped the brownie with some 'Cajeta,' a Mexican caramel sauce that has a hint of hot pepper in it (a strong hint). The sauce alone is to die for; but add the fudge like goodness of a Baked brownie and you're knocking on heaven's door!

For more information on Baked and the cookbook, visit the Baked website at:


mike said...

I have the book, and I can attest that there are some fantastic recipes (Baked Bars, Raspberry Bars, Lemon Loaves), but make sure you try making one of their frostings (flour and sugar in a saucepan) - very unique and VERY good icings! I can't afford to be buying baking powder every six months, but I can't say enough about this book - it's a MUST HAVE on your shelf!

The one thing I haven't made are those brownies... jotting it down to make next week! That topping looks fantastic - perfect combo!

**Kenn, when will I receive my "testimonial check" - is it in the mail? **


Elaine said...

Those look so fudgy delicious! I have been making Matt's brownies that he made on Martha's show and I think they are the BEST BROWNIES EVER (at least that's one everyone at my house calls them), but I am sure these are just as wonderful. Adding the cajeta just makes them sinfully delicious, I am sure!

John R. said...
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John R. said...

Sorry, had to "re-post" my comment! Is this brownie recipe the same as the one made on The Martha Stewart Show? Online it's titled "Deep Dark Brownies"?

Anonymous said...

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